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Summer Vacation Trips Coming!

As summer is rapidly approaching, I know you are getting excited for your summer trips. I am sure some of you are going camping and exploring our great outdoors as others will make a trip to Disneyland or other fun places. Have you thought about your vehicle and how much you will rely on it to get you to and from your destinations? A vehicle problem would surely take some of the fun out of your trip. Bring your vehicle to RPM Automotive & Scotty’s Transmissions in Sparks, NV to have us perform a complete Safety Inspection to insure your vehicle is in tip top shape and won’t leave you stranded. See our Coupon page @ or to get your certificate for a free safety inspection


When you turn on your heater or air conditioning, do you smell a foul odor coming from the vents? If so, this is an indication of unhealthy mold and mildew growing in your vehicles heating and ventilation system. These spores are know to cause chronic sinus problems. Not to worry. Inform your service advisor of these unpleasant odors during your visit and we can eliminate these odors during your routine maintenance. This service includes replacing your cabin air filter if applicable and performing an odor elimination service. This service will reduce mold and mildew and leave your heating and ventilation systems smelling like new again. Contact Scotty’s Transmission or RPM Automotive today