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Brake Service | Auto Services in Sparks

Brake Service

Do your brakes squeak or grind when applied? Does your vehicle pulsate when coming to a stop? Do your wheels skid when you think they shouldn't? These are all signs your brake system may be in need of service. Let RPM Automotive perform a comprehensive road test and brake inspection to determine if your brakes are working properly. We use only the highest quality brake parts available.

Tune-Up | Auto Services in Sparks


Are you aware your vehicle manufacturer requires your car be tuned up periodically? It is important to have these services performed when suggested even if your car seems to be running properly. Scheduled maintenance will keep your vehicle running it's best and provide the best fuel economy and could avoid a costly repair. Refer to your vehicle's owners manual for scheduled maintenance requirements or call RPM Automotive and we will check with the manufacturer to determine when your vehicle should be serviced.

Cooling System Service | Auto Services in Sparks

Cooling System Service

Your coolant should be tested regularly for proper freeze protection and proper Acidity levels. Your vehicle's coolant shoud be replaced as part of the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance program. By replacing the coolant at specified intervals you will avoid damage to the engine, the radiator and the heater core.

Heating and Air Conditioning | Auto Services in Sparks

Heating and Air Conditioning

Does your vehicle take a long time to warm up on those cold days? Is your air conditioning not as cold as it used to be? Have a hard time defrosting your windows? These are all signs you may have a problem with your heating or air conditioning systems. RPM Automotive has certified technicians that can properly diagnose and repiar these systems. Call or email today to schedule an appointment with one of our courteous and professional service advisors.

Batteries and Starters | Auto Services in Sparks

Batteries and Starters

It is normal for battery terminals to become corroded over time. If these terminals are not kept clean this can cause your vehicle to not start and or not run properly. This can also cause excessive amperage draw on the starter and cause the starter to fail prematurely. RPM Automotive has the latest technology to test and diagnose your charging and starting systems.

Smog Check | Auto Services in Sparks

Smog Check

RPM Automotive offers smog checks for gas vehicles. We currently do not offer diesel smog checks but if we are performing other repairs to your diesel vehicle that requires smog check, we will have the diesel smog check performed as a courtesy to you at the normal rate. Our prices are comparable but our service is untouchable! Your vehicle will need to be tested if at least one of the following conditions apply: You drive mainly in the urban areas of Clark or Washoe counties. Your vehicle is gasoline powered, or diesel powered with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) up to 14,000 pounds. Your vehicle is a 1968 model or newer.