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Time to Winterize your vehicle!

Winter is soon to arrive! Don’t get stranded in bad weather. Your vehicle should be inspected and prepared for winter driving conditions.
Start by supplying your vehicle with an emergency kit. Your emergency supplies should include the following items… First Aid Kit, Space Blanket, chemical hand warmers, chemical light sticks, a flash light, Safety warning triangles or flares, waterproof matches or a lighter. These items are available at most sporting/outdoor supply stores. Carry tire chains, an ice/snow scraper, extra gloves, a blanket, water and some nonperishable foods. Make sure you always take a coat for yourself and your passengers no matter how short your travel. You may have to leave your vehicle unexpectedly.
Should your vehicle break down, try to get to the nearest exit. If this is not possible, try to pull off of the pavement to the farthest right hand side of the road. Never park in a traffic lane. Always turn on your emergency flashers so other drivers can s

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Are you thinking about buying a used vehicle?

Are you thinking of buying a used vehicle? Shiny paint and a promise the vehicle is in good condition doesn’t always reveal the truth. I can’t tell you how many times a customer has come to our shop excited with the news they bought a used vehicle for themselves or a family member and ask us to perform an after-purchase inspection only to discover the car needs major repairs. This sure takes the excitement out of buying that used car! Whether you are buying from a private party or a car lot, always ask to take the vehicle to a trusted shop to have the vehicle inspected before purchasing. This way you can feel confident in what you are buying. If the seller is not willing to make this concession, then the vehicle is not worth buying, no matter how good a deal it seems! If the vehicle does need some attention and you still wish to purchase, you can negotiate the repairs into the deal

What Engine Oil is Right for My Vehicle

ENGINE OIL - WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR MY VEHICLE? - Sparks Oil Change Today’s vehicles require the most advanced engineered oils available. While many oil distributors have lubricants designed to meet your vehicles specification, it is very important you use only the manufacturer’s recommended lubricants. Not only can the wrong lubricant cause a decrease in fuel economy, it can also cause catastrophic damage that will most likely void your warranty. You can rest assured. At RPM Automotive, we will only install lubricants that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specification. Come to our shop for your sparks oil change services. 

Some Questions You Should Ask About Your Car

People sometimes don’t ask questions about their car because it seems intimidating and complicated. I have provided some information on a few popular car questions. When should I have the oil changed? The answer depends on which type of oil is required for your vehicle. Changing your oil is one of the most important forms of vehicle maintenance. The engine is the heart of your vehicle and oil protects the engine’s vital components. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for when you should get your oil changed as well as the type of oil you should use. You’ll find this information in your vehicle owner’s manual or we can provide this information to you from the manufacturer’s website. What should I do if the brake light or any warning light turns on? Get it checked out immediately. Not only could you do harm to yourself or others, you could potentially do costly damage ... read more

April 2016

As the calm spring weather sets in after what will possibly be our last big snowfall, the hot summer weather will soon be here. I enjoy many outings during this time of year and expect you do as well. To ensure your vehicle will give you many miles of trouble free driving I encourage you to have your vehicle inspected for the summer heat. Not only will you depend on your air conditioning to work its hardest, your engine, transmission, cooling system and starting and charging systems will also be required to perform their best in the hot temperatures. We are currently offering a summer inspection special for $59.95 which includes all the systems mentioned above and a comprehensive safety inspection. Don’t let a lack of maintenance ruin your summer travels. Visit our website to request an appointment or call 775-359-0840. Wishing you safe and trouble free travels from Scotty’s Transmissions & RPM Au ... read more