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Premium Oil Change | Sparks Lube Services

Premium Oil Change

Our Premium oil change includes a comprehensive safety inspection. Please don't expect your service to be completed in 10 minutes. For us "IT'S NOT ABOUT CAR COUNT, IT'S ABOUT QUALITY. We believe this level of service cannot be completed properly in 10 minutes. A little more quality time spent on your vehicle will mean less chance of a break down. We not only use the highest quality fluids and parts for your car, all of our Lube Technicians are specially trained professionals. All technicians have a minimum of 3 years experience. We provide all of this for the comparable cost as those "GET YOU IN, GET YOU OUT" shops.

Filter Examination | Sparks Lube Services

Filter Examination

We make sure to examine every one of your filters while we service your vehicle. You will be advised if any of the filters require replacement at time of service. All of our replacement filters meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Belt Inspection | Sparks Lube Services

Belt Inspection

Worn or damaged belts or misaligned pullies, worn or damaged hoses may cause an unexpected breakdown. We make sure to check all of your belts, pullies and hoses during our free comprehensive safety inspection.

Fluid Check | Sparks Lube Services

Fluid Check

As part of our comprehensive safety inspection, we make sure to check all your fluids for proper level and inspect fluids for contamination or deterioration. You will be advised at time of service if any of your fluids should be replaced. We also keep a electronic record of all service and repairs done to your vehicle. If you have a question as to the last date or mileage of service, we can provide that information to you.

Wiper Blades and Lighting | Sparks Lube Services

Wiper Blades and Lighting

We will check your wiper blades and and washer fluid system. We will also perform a complete inspection of the lighting system.