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  • Lights
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  • Shocks
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  • Suspension
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  • Transmissions
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SCOTTY’S TRANSMISSION’S operates on the highest level of integrity… fair and honest work at a reasonable price, we have built our reputation on it since 1991. Scotty’s specializes in computer controlled automatic transmissions, four wheel drives, front wheel drives, motor homes, plus manual transmissions and clutches. A Nationwide Warranty, guaranteed, honest work, quality parts and outstanding service are just a few more reasons why you should consult Scotty’s Transmissions for any transmission repair your vehicle may need.

Computerized Diagnostic Service | Sparks Auto Services

Computerized Diagnostic Service

You don’t need to be an experienced Transmission Technician to know that a reliable and honest shop is not capable of quoting a fair competitive price for transmission repair without doing a comprehensive diagnostic road test and inspection. In todays complex computerized transmissions it is nearly impossible to diagnose a problem over the phone. Call Scotty's Transmissions to schedule an appointment for a proper diagnosis.

Transmission Preventative Maintenance Services | Sparks Auto Services

Transmission Preventative Maintenance Services

Are you aware your transmission needs periodic scheduled maintenance? By having your transmission serviced on a regular basis you will be helping to insure a long and useful life. By replacing your transmission fluid and filter(s) and having your transmission inspected for leaks, you may be avoiding a catastrophic failure.

Transmission Repair or Replacement | Sparks Auto Services

Transmission Repair or Replacement

Scotty's Transmissions is capable of repairing or replacing the most complex transmissions with the latest state of the art tools and equipment. This provides our clients the best dollar value for their vehicle repairs. Which means that our client's transmission is repaired or replaced to exact standards including all the industry updates utilizing the latest parts and technology. All of our replacement transmissions come with a 12 month or 12000 mile Nationwide Warranty which covers both parts and labor. Extended warranties are available up to 36 months or 100,000 miles.

Clutch Replacement | Sparks Auto Services

Clutch Replacement

Are you stepping on the gas and your vehicle is hesitating to move? Is your transmission hard to get into gear? If you are concerned about "grinding" sounds when shifting or a "burning" smell, call Scotty's Clutch Pros' to schedule an appointment for a free diagnostic road test and inspection.

Transmission Cooler | Sparks Auto Services

Transmission Cooler

Some of our clients express concerns pertaining to towing a boat or trailer and the transmission fluid tends to burn from the excessive heat. If you do a lot of hauling or towing you should invest in an auxiliary transmission oil cooler or deep sump transmission pan to reduce the risk of lube system failure in your transmission. Excessive heat is the number one cause of transmission failure!

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