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Are you thinking about buying a used vehicle?

Are you thinking of buying a used vehicle? Shiny paint and a promise the vehicle is in good condition doesn’t always reveal the truth. I can’t tell you how many times a customer has come to our shop excited with the news they bought a used vehicle for themselves or a family member and ask us to perform an after-purchase inspection only to discover the car needs major repairs. This sure takes the excitement out of buying that used car! Whether you are buying from a private party or a car lot, always ask to take the vehicle to a trusted shop to have the vehicle inspected before purchasing. This way you can feel confident in what you are buying. If the seller is not willing to make this concession, then the vehicle is not worth buying, no matter how good a deal it seems! If the vehicle does need some attention and you still wish to purchase, you can negotiate the repairs into the deal

What Engine Oil is Right for My Vehicle

ENGINE OIL - WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR MY VEHICLE? - Sparks Oil Change Today’s vehicles require the most advanced engineered oils available. While many oil distributors have lubricants designed to meet your vehicles specification, it is very important you use only the manufacturer’s recommended lubricants. Not only can the wrong lubricant cause a decrease in fuel economy, it can also cause catastrophic damage that will most likely void your warranty. You can rest assured. At RPM Automotive, we will only install lubricants that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specification. Come to our shop for your sparks oil change services.