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Cabin Air Filter

Are you aware most newer vehicles have a cabin air filter? This filters outside air to trap allergens and dust before entering your car. If this filter is not replaced at factory recommended intervals this can cause your A/C to work poorly. It has finally warmed up and we are getting calls about vehicle air conditioning problems. Scotty’s Transmission & RPM Automotive is currently offering a complete A/C system inspection for $59.95+ refrigerant. Go to our website at or to schedule an appointment

Check Engine Light On?

Check engine light on? A word of caution… Recently we have had many customers come to us with a check engine light on and state they went to the local auto parts store and had them scan the computer for free to check for fault codes associated with the check engine light and then sell them a part. The customers installed the part themselves but this did not fix their problem. If only our jobs as a mechanic was that simple! The check engine light comes on because the computer has monitored a problem in one of the many systems that operate your vehicle. When the light comes on the computer stores a fault code. This fault code does not diagnose the problem it only refers to the system that is not operating properly. We must then diagnose that system completely to determine the cause of failure before replacing any parts. A proper diagnosis will tell us if a part has failed, and electrical problem exist or possibly a computer that is failing. DON’T GET SUCKERED INTO SWAPPING PARTS ATTEMP ... read more


The serpentine belt drives many important components under the hood such as the power steering, alternator, and air conditioning on most cars. And while the belt doesn’t typically need adjustments thanks to an automatic tensioner, it does wear out over time. A broken serpentine belt can leave you stranded because it will stop turning the alternator which is the source of power generation for your vehicle. You will also lose power steering because this belt also drives the power steering pump. Bring your vehicle to Scotty’s Transmission & RPM Automotive to have your belt inspected. Inspecting the belt for wear and having a worn one replaced can prevent a break down. You can go to our website to schedule an appointment. or

Winter is here, are you ready?

As I look out the window at the new snow on Mt. Rose I find it hard to keep my excitement in check. I can’t wait t get out my skis and hit the slopes and get out into the back country on my snowmobile. While trying to contain my excitement I suddenly remembered I haven’t checked out my truck for winter conditions. I know many of you don’t enjoy the winter season as much as I do, but you understand you must be prepared for driving in winter conditions. Your preparations should include carrying tire chains, flash light, emergency triangles or flares, blankets, food, water, coats and gloves. Check road condition reports before you travel. If conditions are severe, postpone your travels if possible. Nevada road condition reports are available on line at or by phone at 1-877-NVROADS. California road condition reports are available on line at ... read more

What does that light on my dash mean?

Today’s modern vehicles have many warning devices and lights to inform the driver of problems. Ignoring these warning signs can result in major damage to your vehicle or its passengers. If you are unsure what the warning lights mean you can refer to your Owner’s Manual or call RPM Automotive for information. Lights such as Air Bag Warning or Supplemental Restraint Warning are indicators that there may be a problem with your vehicles crash protection systems. When these lights are illuminated it could be possible your air bags may not deploy or your seat belts may not hold properly during an accident. At RPM Automotive we have all the latest diagnostic tools to test and repair these systems to the manufacturer’s specifications. Don’t risk your safety. These lights should never be ignored! Like us on Facebook or follow us on ... read more