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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Winter is soon to arrive!!

Don’t get stranded in bad weather. Your vehicle should be inspected and prepared for winter driving conditions. Start by supplying your vehicle with an emergency kit. Your emergency supplies should include the following items… First Aid Kit, Space Blanket, chemical hand warmers, chemical light sticks, a flash light, Safety warning triangles or flares, waterproof matches or a lighter. These items are available at most sporting/outdoor supply stores. Carry tire chains, an ice/snow scraper, extra gloves, a blanket, water and some nonperishable foods. Make sure you always take a coat for yourself and your passengers no matter how short your travel. You may have to leave your vehicle unexpectedly. It is difficult to see when driving in bad weather. Always completely scrape ice and snow from ALL the windows. Never drive with partially cleared or partially defrosted windows. With water and sand on the roads this will surely make a mess of your windshield. Replace your wiper blades and ... read more