Sparks Auto Repair

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Here are some tips from Scotty’s Transmission and RPM Automotive to prepare for winter driving.

  • Have your vehicles battery tested. Cold weather is hardest on batteries.
  • Inspect your wipers and washers. Be sure you have washer fluid rated to -20 degrees or better.
  • Have your coolant tested for freeze level and PH levels.
  • Inspect your tires for tread depth and be sure tires are rated for mud & snow.
  • Always carry tire chains. Have chains fitted before you need them to insure a proper fit.
  • Be sure to have an ice scraper, blanket, gloves, flashlight, water and snacks in your vehicle.
  • Never leave home without a jacket for all passengers.
  • Thoroughly clean all windows of snow and ice.
  • Last but not least, check road conditions before you travel. Avoid travel when chains are required if at all possible.