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When is my vehicle due for service?

I am often asked, when should I change my oil. My oil maintenance reminder says I have 30% life remaining but the sticker says I’m due for an oil change.

Well, the answer is this: the oil maintenance reminder in your vehicle is a predetermined amount of time set by the manufacture. The clock runs only when your vehicle is operating. This time is calculated by engineers for normal operating conditions. If you drive your vehicles like most of us inNorthern Nevadayou are operating in other than normal conditions. These conditions include, weather extremes, warm up time, the distance per drive cycle, the amount of dust in the air and many other conditions.

The manufacturer recommends if you don’t drive in optimal conditions you should replace your oil sooner than the maintenance reminder suggests.

Scotty’s Transmission & RPM Automotive has access to all of the vehicle manufactures recommended maintenance schedules. Call us or visit us on the web at or and we will be happy to provide this information at no charge to you.