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Winter is here, are you ready?

As I look out the window at the new snow on Mt. Rose I find it hard to keep my excitement in check. I can’t wait t get out my skis and hit the slopes and get out into the back country on my snowmobile. While trying to contain my excitement I suddenly remembered I haven’t checked out my truck for winter conditions.

I know many of you don’t enjoy the winter season as much as I do, but you understand you must be prepared for driving in winter conditions. Your preparations should include carrying tire chains, flash light, emergency triangles or flares, blankets, food, water, coats and gloves.

Check road condition reports before you travel. If conditions are severe, postpone your travels if possible. Nevada road condition reports are available on line at or by phone at 1-877-NVROADS. California road condition reports are available on line at

It is also important to have your vehicle inspected for winter driving conditions. Starting and charging systems have to work the hardest in winter conditions. Your antifreeze must be tested for proper freeze protection. Your washer fluid and wiper blades must be checked for proper operation. Your heater and defroster must be in good working order. All these items and many others should be inspected for winter driving conditions.

Bring your vehicle to Scotty’s Transmissions & RPM Automotive for oil and filter change and we will include a winter safety inspection at no additional charge. This service can be completed Mon-Fri, 8a-4p without an appointment.

For more information and directions to our shop go to or .

We look forward to helping you have a safe winter driving season.

Rob McMullen-Owner

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